LEI Group Australia continuously strives to advance knowledge and innovate in the field. As part of the Leading Edge Group, we have developed a unique suite of proprietary learning and deployment models and collaborate with our clients and partners on research, innovation and policy development.

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Recent Research Initiatives

Impact of Lean Education

Leading Edge Group recently surveyed approximately 100 recipients of Lean Education training in Australia, Canada, Ireland and the United States as part of a research project to help identify the:

  • Impact of Lean Education on effecting change within organisations
  • Impact of  Lean Education on the career progression of individuals
  • Factors that are independently associated with the level of impact of Lean education on organisations and individual careers

The data is currently being analysed and research findings will be published here shortly and in our Lean Practice Center.

Economic Evaluation of Continuous Improvement in Healthcare

Leading Edge Group is currently developing a research and education project to increase the evidence base for economic evaluation of continuous improvement in healthcare.

An integrated programme, tailored to the specific needs of professionals who plan, fund, implement and/or evaluate healthcare, continuous improvement, projects, has been developed which combines a health economics evaluation curriculum with health economist mentoring.

This programme will enable healthcare professionals to better evaluate the return on investment, value for money, impact and outcomes of the continuous improvement projects they are working on or planning, through the application of health economics evidence and techniques. The programme commences in April 2015.