LEI Group has been working with manufacturing and industrial organizations since 1995. We have worked with a range of organisations, from small and medium local and national companies to large global organisations.

We help manufacturing and industrial organizations reduce waste and increase value-add across the entire production process and value chain in order to enhance sustainability and competitive advantage. In doing so, we have developed proprietary tools, methods and techniques to help you:

  • Assess current performance of processes, systems and people
  • Identify major opportunities for improvement
  • Develop a road-map or action plan for execution
  • Project manage the change program implementation
  • Build in-house capability

We work with all our clients to achieve real outcomes, ranging from savings of $183,000+ on a Black Belt training project to $18 million on a large scale, multi-site, consulting, transformation project . The benefits in terms of culture, employee engagement and soft skills development are huge.

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