NEW! Learn how to improve warehouse performance using Lean tools and techniques.

Lean Warehouse Management – 1 Day Programme. May 5th, Sydney


This new 1-day programme, developed and delivered by LEI Group Australia, will demonstrate how warehouse operations are a key enabler to successful supply chain implementation and, in many cases, the starting point for supply chain transformations.

Applying Lean Thinking in a warehouse environment refers to the streamlining of warehouse processes and practices in order to improve efficiencies and performance, minimise transactions, eliminate process waste, reduce total cost of inventory and work as an integrated team to provide optimal value to internal and external customers and stakeholders. We all know of inherent wasteful activities in warehousing such as defects, over stocking, over checking, re-packing, obsolete stocks, shortages, drivers waiting etc. This 1-day programme will provide you with an understanding of the Lean tools and techniques that can help you address and eliminate these and other wasteful and non-value added activities.

Course attendees will not only learn the broad concepts of Lean and how they can be applied to warehouse management, but will be in a position to act as a catalyst for future change across the supply change and the broader own organisation

This 1-day programme will be taking place in Sydney on May 5th.

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