LEI Group welcomes in 2015 with a new name, a new website and a Country Manager.

It has been a busy end to 2014 and start to 2015 for LEI Group. Changing from LEI Group Australia to LEI Group may not seem like much but, in true Lean style, small changes often mask big efforts!

Sitting behind this change has been a great team, working very hard to expand our presence in the Australian market and help us to get ready for the significant growth we are expecting in 2015.

We now have our new domain name; leigroup.com.au. We are pretty excited about this as we are positioning ourselves strongly in Australian online education marketplace and are building up a leading presence in online Lean training across the territories. Needless to say our partners and customers are pretty happy with the shorter URL!

With the domain name change, we also created a new website www.leigroup.com.au

We wanted it to reflect Lean principles, to be user-friendly and intuitive and to showcase the breadth and depth of our experience, not only in Lean certification but right across the Continuous Improvement education and consulting spectrum. Please check us out and let us know what you think about it.

Finally, LEI Group welcomes Margaret Ledwith to the team. Margaret joined LEI Group as Country Manager, to build and manage the Australian business. She has a mix of education, consulting and entrepreneurial experience and specialises in 21st Century Learning, Innovation and Lean Start-Up. Feel free to contact Margaret on mledwith@leigroup.com.au. Look out for updates and news from Margaret on our website.

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