Lean Healthcare – Building the Business Case


Healthcare professionals are under increasing pressure to deliver tangible improvements and returns on investment in process, service and clinical redesign projects. For healthcare project leaders and decision-makers, adopting a methodology that is flexible enough to be applied across a range of problem scenarios and processes, yet rigorous enough to deliver definable, measurable performance gains, is critical to successful outcomes. One such methodology is Lean Thinking.

Lean Thinking is a methodology that seeks to deliver organisational transformation though continuous process improvements achieved as a result of the elimination of waste or non-value-added elements and activities and with the aim of delivering enhanced value to customers or patients. Lean processes use space, time and capital investment, staff and materials efficiently to improve the ‘flow’ of tasks from beginning to end.

The focus of Lean Thinking in Healthcare is, therefore, on improving flow among activities of ‘core value’ to the individual patient’s journey and to the organisation as a whole.  In describing the progress and implications for Healthcare of Lean Thinking, President and Chief Executive of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Donald Berwick, commented ‘The challenge is to revolutionise our expectations of healthcare: to design a continuous flow of work for clinicians and a seamless experience of care for patients.’

Over the past decade, LEI Group Australia and Leading Edge Group have supported a wide range of Healthcare organisations throughout their implementation of Lean Healthcare projects. Some of the realised benefits included:

  • Shorter patient waiting times
  • More patient admissions and diagnoses
  • Faster bed turnarounds
  • Improved workplace organisation, cleanliness and safety
  • Less inventory used and better use of space
  • Better and more streamlined administration processes
  • More efficient patient record and appointment processes
  • More timely and efficient delivery of care

Click here for more detail on our Lean Healthcare services and case-study outcomes, please visit our website.

We also have trained and certified large numbers of Healthcare professionals in Lean Healthcare, enabling them to implement and sustain change and redesign projects, independently. Leading Edge Group undertook an international survey of Lean practitioners, including a significant sample of practitioners in Lean Healthcare, which showed that over 80% of respondents could link their Lean training and education to quantifiable performance improvements within their organisations. To download a free copy of the report, please click here.

Click here for details of Lean Training in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide in April and May.

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