How Lean Education is Impacting Healthcare

Lean education can have a serious impact on how healthcare is executed and provided. But why is this exactly and how can this be seen? Let us take a closer look at lean education and find out!

What Is Lean Education?

The Lean Education Program is a broad spectrum of courses provided for the healthcare industry. With lean training, lean consulting, lean supply chain and lean healthcare, we aim to provide healthcare professionals with the tools to make continuous improvements in their business and the healthcare experience of patients.

How Is the ROI?

Approximately 87% of participants have reported a positive outcome for their healthcare organization after following the Lean Education Program.

The most common benefits are process improvements, efficiency gains, quality gains, output gains and cost savings.
However, Lean Education is not only beneficial for the organizations who participate. Individuals can also obtain great benefits from enrolling. Approximately 75% of the participants reported a quantifiable impact on their career, 56% earned more responsibilities at work, 25% experienced a change in their job role/title and 19% even secured a promotion!


As was shown in the statistics above, the amount of benefits is quite substantial. So let us take a closer look at these benefits and how they can be obtained through the Lean Education program.

Career Advancement

Many individuals follow Lean Education in the hopes of getting a promotion. The Program can help you to accomplish this through an extensive knowledge base and by helping you to work more efficiently.

More Responsibility

Healthcare professionals can also follow the Lean Education course to obtain more responsibility in their current position. By understanding more about efficient working and how you can implement that in your daily routine, the benefits will be quite clear for your employers. This often leads to getting more responsibility at work and eventually a promotion.

Advance in Role

If you have been feeling stuck in your career for a number of years, then the Lean Education Program may provide you with that extra boost you need to get ahead.

Changed Thinking

Changing the way you handle day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, and the way you think, will provide you with an advantage over others. Your employer and colleagues will be able to count on you to provide them with new strategies and approaches that will have an impact on the company.

The Lean Education program has shown to be beneficial for companies as well as individuals. This means that Lean Education can accept quite a broad spectrum of participants and provide a multitude of improvements in many different areas. Can you afford not to take advantage of this knowledge base?

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