Research Shows Lean Education is Worth the Investment

This year Leading Edge Group celebrates 20 years’ of Lean education, training and consulting. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of hours of training and consulting to individuals and organisations across four continents and 14 industry sectors.

During that time, the single, most consistent question we are asked is;

“Is it worth the investment – will it benefit me/my organization?”

Lean Education Survey CoverWhile we have extensive anecdotal evidence to draw on in the form of countless case study outcomes and reference clients, we believed it was time to undertake a more quantitative analysis of the impact of Lean education in order to help our clients’ understand and build the business case for Lean Education.

Among the key findings were

  • 87% of respondents reported positive outcomes including; process improvements, efficiency gains, quality gains, output gains, cost savings
  • 75% of respondents reported that, in addition to positive outcomes for their employers, Lean education was also beneficial to them in their careers. Positive impacts included increased responsibility, change in job role/title and promotion
  • Lean education transverses organizational boundaries and silos, delivering results regardless of sector, function or hierarchy

Please submit the details below to download a complete copy of the survey report – “The Impact of Lean Education”.

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