A great employee reward system can improve engagement and keep staff focused on what matters most. However, the reward system has to be comprehensive enough to incorporate recognition and appreciation (not necessarily financial reward!). To be effective the reward system has to be aligned with the organization’s goals. It is important to recognize, appreciate and reward employees as that results in them feeling valued. Employees who feel valued and appreciated are generally happier, embrace the work on hand and contribute more to the organization. This results in a constantly improving organization.

Ways to Reward Your Staff

1. Praise

It is one of the simplest yet most meaningful way to acknowledge your staff. An in-person conversation or thank you note showing how much you appreciate an employee’s effort will increase your employee happiness and keep them engaged in CI initiatives.

2. Public Recognition

Publicly recognizing staff for exceptional contributions to the organization is an effective way to show your appreciation for their work. It sends a message to the rest of the team that the organization values, recognizes and is willing to reward great work. This encourages people to come forward with their ideas thus fostering a continuous improvement culture in the workplace.

3. Responsibility

You can assign important tasks to your staff and empower them to make high level decisions on their own. This shows the staff that you are confident in their abilities and that they have potential to take on more challenging roles and grow in the organization. This signals to the rest of the team the organization’s intent to continuously improve its staff’s competency.

4. Flexibility

Granting your staff, the option to take a day off each month whenever they reach their goals ahead of time creates an ideal work and life balance for them. This results in well rested and motivated employees who are willing to take on more challenges and even participate in Continuous Improvement initiatives. After all, what kind of employee would not be compelled to the betterment of an organization that appreciates him or her.

5. Awards

Conducting an awards ceremony to acknowledge contributors and celebrate the improvements reflects the value the organization places in teamwork. Thus, promoting a collaborative culture of Continuous Improvement.

Organizations who take time to recognize, appreciate and reward their staff always enjoy the benefit of engaged, responsible, proactive and committed employees. Employees are more than willing to contribute to organizations that value them.

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