About LEI Group Australia

LEI Group Australia creates fundamental and immediate change in organisations, by providing world-class training and consultancy services in Lean Enterprise, Continuous Improvement and Business Transformation.
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Our Company

LEI Group Australia is the Australasian arm of Leading Edge Group, a global leader in the provision of Lean education and training, Continuous and Process Improvement programmes and Business Transformation initiatives.

Our aim is to help organisations build the internal knowledge and capabilities to implement organisational change projects, with measurable outcomes and real benefit gains. On average, the Group has delivered real benefit gains of 20%, across its client base.

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Our Expertise

In supporting our clients, LEI Group Australia draws on almost two decades of thought leadership, best-practice development and subject matter expertise in Lean, Continuous Improvement and Business Transformation methodologies.

Across the Group, we have delivered more than 1,000 education and consultancy projects to over 250 clients worldwide and, in the last four years alone, we have delivered over 150,000 hours of Lean training, certified by our academic and professional partners.

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Our Clients

LEI Group Australia counts many of the country’s leading healthcare, industrial, commercial and public sector organisations and institutions amongst its growing list of satisfied customers. We are particularly proud of our international track record and our reputation as a valued business partner and service provider.

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“Benchmark Electronics has utilised the services of the Leading Edge Group since 1998 in many aspects of our supply chain and business management. Our supply chain has continued to grow as a strategic differentiator and enabler in our marketplace for which the Leading Edge Group has been a key contributor. This is in both our processes and people development. We are also using the Leading Edge Group in our supply chain training through the medium of eLearning to further develop our staff. Looking to the future as our competitive environment changes, Benchmark Electronics will continue to use the Leading Edge Group as our preferred partner for ongoing development” (Supply Chain Director, Europe and South East Asia)

“The Banta Global Turnkey Group has an excellent reputation for providing world-class supply chain solutions to the global marketplace. Over the past 17 years we have grown our business through global expansion, extending our capabilities to new market sectors and enhancing our own capabilities and service offerings. The Leading Edge Group has an accumulated knowledge pool in multiple industries. As BGT’s business has expanded we have used the services of Leading Edge in a number of areas. Their commitment to the development of customised supply chain optimisation programmes have been the key strengths that we have leveraged over the past number of years.” (Global Director of Supply Chain Management)

“……. we have worked closely with the Leading Edge Group. The objective of our collaboration was to become educated on the basic principles of Lean and Value Stream Mapping, particularly as it applied to blood manufacturing and how we could consult with our customers to enable them to become more efficient and productive in blood processing. As a result, we are now able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by projecting an optimised future state including CaridianBCT’s whole blood product offering, leading to more productive and efficient blood manufacturing for our customers.” (Marketing Manager Whole Blood Processes EMEA)


Our People

At LEI Group Australia we believe that our people are central to both our success and that of our clients. Our team offers a world-class mix of deep subject-matter and industry sector expertise and come with an impeccable track record.

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