Which Lean Training delivers a 275% Return on Investment?


Recently, Leading Edge Group (LEG), with its partner University College Cork (UCC), undertook a review of the projects submitted by students as a core element of their Leading Edge Group/UCC Lean Supply Chain Black Belt certification. The results even took us by surprise!

The 83 projects undertaken during that four year period delivered benefits to the tune of a staggering $160,710,589 (converted from Euros)! On average, each project delivered $1,936,271 of benefits. This represents a return on investment of approximately 275%.


And, it is not just the Black Belt training programme that delivers tangible benefits. Projects submitted by students during the course of their Green Belt certification have been shown to deliver results in the region of $40,000. In our recent international survey of Lean practitioners on The Impact of Lean Education, over 80% of respondents indicated that their Lean training and education delivered quantifiable performance improvements and benefits to their organisations and to themselves as individuals. Click here to download the full report, for free.

Our next Lean training sessions are in Perth, March 27th; Sydney, 30th & 31st March; Melbourne, 13th & 14th April and Sydney, 21st & 22nd April.

Click here for our training calendar.

Lean Training – it is not a cost – it is a benefit!

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