Consulting Programmes

LEI Group Australia offers a full suite of Lean and Continuous Improvement support and consulting services. We work with organisations to deliver real benefits across a range of projects, from incremental, single-point, improvements to large-scale, multi-site transformations and across all project stages, from diagnosis, to design and deployment and post-project assessment.

Throughout all our consulting engagements, we focus on building internal expertise through knowledge transfer, skills building and expert coaching. Each member of our team of consultants has more than 10 years’ implementation and/or sector experience.

Lean Business Support

Lean Business Support is a structured Lean deployment framework, which integrates training and implementation support for maximum impact. It aims to help clients adopt and implement Lean principles and techniques throughout their organisations, whilst simultaneously building in-house capabilities. Three levels of support are available, Lean Start, Lean Plus and Lean Transformation.

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Lean Consulting

LEI Group Australia supports a variety of organisations through the provision of a full suite of consultancy services in the areas of Lean Enterprise, Transformation and Design, Continuous Improvement and Supply Chain Management.

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Lean Healthcare: Patient Throughput Review Audit

LEI Group Australia specialises in the application of Lean techniques in the Healthcare sector. In conjunction with Leading Edge Group, it has teamed up with Canadian company, Medworxx, to offer a unique Patient Throughput Review Audit to the Australian Healthcare Sector.

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