Lean Toolkit for Supply Chain Professionals

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Lean Toolkit for Supply Chain Professionals

Supply chain professionals have a tremendous impact on the success of any organisation. These professionals are engaged in every facet of the business process – planning, procurement, production, transportation, storage & distribution, customer service, and more! In short, these managers are the “glue” that connects the different parts of the organisation. Their performance helps organizations control expenses, boost sales, and maximise profits.

Because supply chain professionals touch so many different parts of the business, they are in a unique position to help other functions execute their strategies. They are also called upon to diagnose and support the needs of external supply chain partners and are expected to be at the forefront of change and continuous improvement activities. The adoption of Lean practices sits comfortably within the supply chain and there is an opportunity for these professionals to take the lead when it comes to driving Lean thinking and transformation change across the organisation.

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