Lean General Industry: Master Black Belt Classroom


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18 months (blended)
Lean General Industry: Master Black Belt Classroom

Leading Edge Group’s Lean Master Black Belt programme will take you through a new stage of your Lean journey – the process of moving to the master level of Lean where you are expected to take a more holistic and strategic approach to your deliberations. At the end of this stage of your journey, you will be expected to transform your organisation and to lead it on its Lean journey.

Where a Master Black Belt differs from other belts is in their holistic approach and their understanding of the bigger picture. As the first among equals, their role is to ensure that there is a Lean strategic plan and that it is deployed. They will be natural leaders and mentors. They will also be natural educators and someone that is approachable to all. They will have an uncanny knack for knowing when to get involved and when to mentor. Their knowledge of Lean is the backbone of their position within the organisation.

Click here to view our schedule of Public Events, or contact us to discuss delivery of the programme on-site at your facility.

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